Save 100% Utility Bills By Installing 5W Solar LED Wall Packs  $35.99  

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  • Price:$35.99
  • Category:Appliances
  • Location:Dallas, Texas
  • Posted:04/17/19


The solar LED wall packs are an energy efficient lighting option that uses Sunlight to lighten the outdoor places. These lights are the best way to utilize the natural resources effectively and you can use them at the outdoor commercial and residential buildings. 
Presently, there are many LED solar wall pack lights for your consideration and among many lights, you can install, 5w Solar Outdoor LED Wall Packs that use sun’s light to lighten the surroundings places during the nights. 
Benefits of installing 5w solar LED wall packs are as follows:
These solar wall pack lights use Sun’ power to illuminate the place and when the sunlight touches the solar panel, the in-built battery gets charged automatically and utilizes the same power to lighten the places or objects during the nights.
These lights give an advantage to the buyers to enjoy automatic on/off feature that will work according to the presence or absence of ambient light.
These wall packs are designed to work for more than 50,000 hours that too without bothering you with any replacement charges.
Also, these lights are energy efficient lights and in comparison to the MH lighting fixtures, don’t emit any kind of harmful chemicals.
These lights can be easily installed on the building with the help of supportive bracket that keeps these lights fixed in a certain position. 
Also, the color temperature of these lights is 5700k with these 5w solar LED wall packs can be replaced with 60w MH lights.
In addition to the above uncountable benefits, you will also get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’s end on making the smart move by buying these lights.