Use 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlights At Your Home To Enhanced Visibility  $6.71  

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  • Price:$6.71
  • Category:Electronics
  • Location:Buffalo, New York
  • Posted:05/21/19


It is rightly said the lights installed inside the homes are helpful in enhancing the overall mood along with making the indoor places look more visible and attractive as well. If you are also scouting for best indoor lights to lighten your homes from inside the install LED downlights that are a perfect combination of functionality and style as well. 
Install 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlights among various other dimmable downlights to enjoy adjustment in the overall lighting as per the requirement. 
Advantages of installing 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights are as follows:
  • These 15w 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights emit 1000 lumens and are a perfect replacement to 100W of traditional lights. 
  • Also, the color temperature of these lights includes 3000k, 4000k and 5000k as well that are perfect for lighting the residential places along with commercial places as well. 
  • These downlights are fully compatible with most of the dimmers that are available in the market and you can use these lights instantly after turning them on. 
  • Once installed, lighten up your showroom or any other place for more number of hours, at least 50,000 hours which is significantly much more than the normal halogen downlights.
  • Since these lights are environment-friendly lights, so you can ensure that your loved ones are staying protected from getting exposed to harmful UV/IV rays.
Not only this, but you will also get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer end on purchasing these 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights besides many other advantages that will surely pamper your mood and reduce your stress of paying heavy electricity bills every month.