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  • Price:$115.99
  • Category:Appliances
  • Location:Metairie, Louisiana
  • Posted:04/08/19


Watching live matches or concerts is a great way to enjoy your weekends in a more entertaining way, and if on the top of it, the place you are visiting to watch the matches and shows has proper lighting effects, will double your excitement. For creating that wonderful lighting experience, you can install LED Flood Light so that people who are coming can enjoy maximum visibility while watching the performance. Installing a 150W LED Flood Light Fixtures to make the place more visible. 
Other benefits of installing 150w LED Floodlight are as follows:
  • The color temperature of 150w LED Flood Light is 5700K that emits natural day white light.
  • Also, the lumen output of these lights is 20,000 lumens and replacing it with 400w MH light, will give you more savings. 
  • You will also get 5 Years of manufacturer’s warranty on purchasing these lights in addition to 24/7 telephonic support.
  • The wider angle of greater than 150 degrees will deliver maximum safety and security required during nights.
  • Once installed, these LED Flood Lights will provide maximum illumination for a period of 50,000 hours or even more than that as well, also these lights are UL and DLC certified lights that will give you additional savings.
  • The IP65 rating of these lights make these lights perfect in all kind of harsh weather condition, the big heat sink dissipates heat effectively and in a smoother way.
So enjoy the live matches and concerts by watching them in the stadiums with maximum required brightness, install LED Flood Light to make the program entertaining and visible as well.