Use More Popular Outdoor Light, (Outdoor LED Pole Light) To Lighten The Streets  $95.99  

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  • Price:$95.99
  • Category:Electronics
  • Location:Austin, Texas
  • Posted:07/23/19


There are many uncountable advantages of adopting LED lighting products and among many uses, you can invest in LED pole lights to lighten the streets so that maximum illumination can be provided to the people who walk on the streets during the nights. 
There are wide varieties of pole LED lights that are there in the market, you can install Outdoor LED Pole Light to have amazing lighting results that can make even the dark places look more lighted. 
Other advantages of using these 300w LED pole lights are as follows:
  • The LEDs are an eco-friendly way to lighten the outdoor places and you can also protect the environment from getting polluted as well. The 300w LED pole light is designed using lightweight die-cast aluminum housing that makes them superior from the existing lights, you can easily get these lights installed at the outdoor places.
  • These pole lights are used instantly with no noise or flickering that otherwise can make the surroundings more disturbed.
  • These lights provide excellent uniform lighting distribution and have a higher color rendering index as well that will make the objects look more real and natural.
  • These 300w LED pole lights produce 39982 lumens and come with a color temperature of 5700k, you can change them with 1000w lights to make at least 80% savings electricity bills. 
  • The big Heat-sink is integrated into the design that offers excellent heat dissipation making them more beneficial over the longer period of time.
So install 300w LED pole light that will give you many benefits which are missing in case you are still using those MH or other forms of street lights, besides you will also 5 years or warranty from the manufacturer as well on purchase of these lights.