What is Locopost?
Locopost is a local/national online classifieds with flexible, convenient search features. Potential buyers may browse through products and services by looking through categories, or they can hunt for something specific using a keyword search. Other sorting options also give buyers the ability to search locally or nationally.

What do you mean by “local” and “national”?
Sellers can post advertisements and link them to a certain town or city, thus choosing the usual local exposure, or they can choose to link their ads to every town and city in the country – national exposure.

How do I post my classified ad?
To post your ad, you need to create an account. All of your information will be kept confidential and stays with us. We do not allow third parties to access this information and keep it safe on secured servers.

How do I contact a seller?
Sellers may list phone numbers or email addresses in their advertisements or choose to communicate through a cloaked email offered in or site or our partnered site.

When looking at listings, why do I see offers made on other sites
In order build a necessary foundation of content for Locopost, we are using aggregate listings from other sites. However, advertisements placed directly into our system with always take precedence. We may also place our ads in other classified sites in order to get maximum exposure for our customers.

How much does it cost to use Locopost?
We are beginning the site in Beta, and while we are in this stage, the whole system is free for our customers. Eventually, we will start to charge a nominal fee for national listings. A fee will also apply to large uploads of commercial inventory listings.