About Us

Our Goal: To present a classifieds site on steroids.

Our Plan: to give our customers – both buyers and sellers – options. Do you want a local or national reach? Are you hosting a garage sale, or do you have that one-of-a-kind 1955 T Bird in cherry condition? The garage sale is easy: a local listing is best. That beautiful T Bird might be worthy of a little more exposure. Maybe you’ll decide to introduce it to the nation, listing it in every community you can find. It’s up to you.

Out Secret Weapons: video! In our opinions, the video feature puts us above other classifieds sites, giving us that extra push from great to fantastic. We accept video classifieds in a multitude of formats. Show your products any way you want! Get creative with infomercials, shorts, whatever you find the most fun and effective. We are looking forward to the innovative ways our customers will use this feature.

How We Got Here: through determination, guts, and some great ideas. Locopost developed as a sibling to our parent site, www.yellowpagecity.com, which began as a modest operation in 1999 in a small office at the back of a carpet store owned by my older brother Joe and his wife, Barb. The pair allowed my younger brother Steve and his best friend Gene to set up shop with a couple of desks and a server. Over the next few months, as Steve and Gene worked to make their idea come to life, Joe and Barb offered encouragement daily and kept them going with food, paper, money, and anything else they could get their hands on.

Since then, the Yellow Page City has expanded and thrived, proudly joining the list of Rochester’s Fastest Growing Companies. I now work as a junior partner, though everyone here still refers to me as “Uncle Mike.” Joe and Gene have passed on, God bless them, but fortunately the love and motivation they felt for the business have spread to other members of the family. Joe’s sons, and our new partners, James and Michael, will play important roles in the company’s future. We plan to keep it in the family.

Keep In Mind: This is our first attempt. Please understand that, right now, it’s in beta and just the beginning of what we hope will become the friendliest and most competitive classifieds site on the internet. We encourage you to help us to achieve that goal by giving us constructive criticism and ideas for features you’d like to see.